Case Study: Cerebral Paresis

Ida is 25 years old and has just bought her own apartment. Ida has cerebral paresis and is in a wheelchair. She can move from chair to toilet / bed / sofa with her own help.

She has user-controlled personal assistant who takes care of much of the housework and helps Ida with personal hygiene. Ida likes to cook / bake and she takes care of light housework.
She is social and often has friends visiting. Ida has a boyfriend, but he is studying in another part of the country. She follows the online teaching at the university and wants to study to become a sociologist.

Ida wants to use welfare technology to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Task 1 (healthcare/technicians):

  • Healthcare make a survey of Ida and come up with suggestions for different types of welfare technology he can use. 
  • Healthcare goes together with technicians and find out if the suggestions are possible to solve.

Task 2 (healthcare/technicians):

  • Work together and find how you can motivate Ida to use welfare technology.
  • Work together and find how you can advise and guide Ida in using welfare technology.

Task 3:

  • Make an instruction video where you teach the patient and healthcare workers to use a certain welfare technology tool.

Task 4 (technicians):

  • Make a floor plan with technical installations in the apartment. (We have made a guide for placement of equipment. We must also make sure to follow national laws and regulations).

Task 5 (healthcare/technicians):

  • Discuss what kind of ethical dilemmas you can face when using welfare technology in Idas apartment.

Task 6:

  • After 2 months you and Ida meet and discuss how this has worked out for her.
  • Come up with suggestions of things that may not work and what we can improve.

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