Wellfare Technology

History and background

During Erasmus+ project “Welfare Technology in a Cross Sectoral Learning Environment” we have developed learning materials that are tailor made for teaching and learning in a cross-sectoral learning environment where complimentary competences from three different programme areas are being combined and enhanced by practising on-site and hands-on learning.

Every partner has developed and contributed with learning material developed in their own didactical environment and context, and in cooperation with external stake holders.

The learning material developed by each partner has been added to the European Study Unit and made universally accessible.

The Intellectual Output of this project will be continued and developed further through the consortium European Knowledge Community of Welfare Technology (ECWT).

The European Knowledge Community of Welfare Technology (ECWT) is a consortium of preferred partners consisting of education providers and stakeholders within health care and welfare technology. Members have been recruited throughout the duration of a European Erasmus+ project on interdisciplinary curriculum delivery in education of health care personnel.

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