Class: The protocols laws and regulations regarding welfare technology , vision and policy of the organisation when using it

In this learning material students must take a look at the laws, regulations and recommendations in their own country regarding welfare technology 

Understand laws and regulations and be able to use them when using welfare technology.

At school
Students take a closer look at legislation, regulations and recommendations of one’s country in welfare technology in pair or groupwork. Students consider which of these legislation, regulations and recommendations should be considered in Ida´s case and situation. In the end they will present their works and finally they will reflect and evaluate.

At job learning:
At the beginning of job learning students find out the vision and policy of the organization when using welfare technology.

Find out:
1. What does your job learning place´s vision and policy say about welfare technology?
2. How does your job learning place take advantage of welfare technology?
3. What kind of goals and possibilities the organization has in future when using welfare technology?
4. Think about how your job learning place could develop the use of welfare technology? And what kind of benefits it could have from it?

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