Class: Instruction about welfare technology


In this learning material students must give information about a technology tool to client and relatives. 

The student is able to provide information on the basis of an information plan about a care technological tool and is thereby able to transfer the knowledge he/she possesses about care technology by means of a self-made instructional film.


1. Choose a topic (care technological tool) about which you will provide information
2. Prepare your information and first write an information plan and answer the following questions beforehand
- What do I want to tell about the tool?
- Do I have all the relevant information
- Who am I giving the instruction? (can she/he understand it?, should there also be a contact person joining the client?)
- Can I give all the information at the same time? of do I have to phase the instruction?

3. Make a matching instructional video for the chosen technological aid (see explanation of how to
make an instructional movie)

Requirements for the instructional video:

1. Before you start making your instructional video you will delve into instructional videos. Search the internet for examples of instructional videos. What do you notice about this? What do you have to take into account?
2. Now that you have got an idea of a number of instructional videos, you will first write a script yourself. The script will state what you will be filming, how you will be filming it and what materials you will need for this.
3. The following parts must appear in your video:
a. How does the technological tool work? Indicate this in steps.
b. What can happen if the technological tool is used incorrectly?
c. Indicate what could go wrong and how to solve it.
d. How can you maintain the technological tool?
4. The instructional video must last at least 3 and at most 5 minutes.

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