Class: Ethics (Part 1)

In this learning material students must have knowledge to ethics and ethical dilemmas and also have knowledge about the regulations in their own country.

The student is able to name his or her own standards, values and principles with regard to healthcare technology and incorporate them into their own mission and vision

The student is able to discuss ethical issues surrounding care and technology

The student knows the concepts of ethics and ethical dilemmas and is able to apply them in the internship

Task 1:
You will be assigned one of the following articles in a group of three:

you can pick some English or local articles for this assignment

From this article you come up with one ethical issue. It must be a dilemma for the class to discuss. You tell the class what the article is about and have an discussion with the class.

1. Read the article
2. Identify the ethical problem
3. Which arguments for and against are mentioned here?
4. Which values do you recognize in this?
5. Wat is you opinion?

Task 2:
Mission and vision internship
1. What mission and vision does the institution where you do internship have?
2. What is the vision on the use of healthcare technology aids in the institution where you are doing you internship?

Task 3:
Write a personal vision of ½ A4 about your norms, values, principles concerning healthcare technological developments.

Answers to the questions below can help you
1. What do you think is the most important thing in the care of a care recipient?
2. What do you find important in the use of healthcare technological aids?
3. What disadvantages do you see in healthcare technology aids?

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